Our city is changing every day

Roads open and close, landmarks come and go, and it's sometimes hard to know where you are.

In an ever-changing landscape, we can lose the connection between the past and the present. Places we used to know are unfamiliar and streets have a whole new feel. Maybe you find yourself standing on a corner, wondering, what used to be here?

For the past six years, CEISMIC has been recording these changes. This game takes a series of images from the archive and asks you to locate them on a map of the Four Avenues. Challenge your friends to test their own knowledge and see how you measure up!

CEISMIC Xplore is about remembering and reconnecting. Xplore our city in a new and fun way!

Rank User Score
1 a witch 496
2 zita joyce 494
3 jmill 493
4 secretsauce 492
5 zita joyce 487
Rank User Score
1 susan 970
2 secretsauce 935
3 eliot b 923
4 a witch 918
5 susan 906
Rank User Score
1 cleverclogs 1900
2 susan 1898
3 a witch 1814
4 eliot b 1794
5 jmill 1775